Product development
UX  / UI Design
Illustration / Icon Design
Coordination in the form of design sprints in agile development.

Adding and redeveloping big chunks of the product, mostly in the field of UX and marketing, e.g. onboarding funnel, shop, member portal, and much more.

MieterEngel helps tenants to solve rental law problems online. The service connects members with lawyers (and the service team) and ensures an efficient, hassle-free interaction for all parties involved.

Revised and updated check-out process


Re-design of the checkout process with dedicated colors and icons for each membership model / product. The new checkout provides short and detailed information and displays the product in a more tangible shopping card design. In conjuction with an improved onboarding funnel, these changes vastly increased overall conversions.

Explaining the service (How-To and FAQ)

For leads: explaining the service in 3 easy steps

For members: step-by-step guide (trouble shooting)


Overhaul of the member portal


Overhaul of the membership portal in order to include new product features and to establish a freemium-model (with free and paid services) in the long run.

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