A collection of diverse projects, I had the opportunity to contribute to, as well as some photography and private works.


Invitation and schedule for a symposium for the association of German foundations. Topic: "Stiften wirkt" (founding works). Studio: Iconic, Berlin.


Series of veiled mopeds in many shapes and shiny textures (Fuji Provia 100 / Mamya RB67).


Branding (early stage) for a museum with a focus on cryptography in espionage during the cold war. Text, image and  layout obscure and reveal different aspects on this topic (cryptography, surveillance, privacy). Studio: Iconic, Berlin.


A series of bags seen in London (Kodak Portra 400 / Fuji GA645Zi)


Branding for an operator of retirement homes in several locations in Germany.
Studio: Iconic, Berlin.


Logo development for a developer based on the domain name "webscreens": the letter "W" is constructed out of three screens (desktop and mobile proportions).


Cucumber. Unlike gherkins, this is a super food (birthday card for a friend).


In 2013 we developed a system to help you figure out which driver assistance system covers your needs and matched the result to a database, which showed all suitable car models. The system, icons and videos are still in use by the German council for traffic safety (DVR). Studio: Iconic, Berlin.


Branding for BioAnalyt. BioAnalyt developed a mobile lab, which can measure essential nutrients. The circular patterns are inspired by microscopic images of the respective nutrients. Studio: Iconic, Berlin.


Excerpts from a teaching portfolio for local artist and teacher – distributed over three booklets: 1) teaching department and positioning,  2) examples from various classes and 3) in-depth case study, showcasing the main course in detail.


App for patients with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. The app includes detailed medical information, a multiplayer quiz game and lets you "walk through" a gut. You can download the app here (swiss app store). Studio: AUNDW, Berlin.


Nonsensical scribbles for ditto music (the human face in music industry).


1) Poster for classes about the relationship between objects, space and people for a local artist/teacher. 2) Homage to Adrian Frutiger († 10. September 2015).


We put a star inside a star. A delicate structure, built with wood and sealant; based on the famous dodecahedron (one of many platonic bodies). Project partner: Paul Svoboda. 

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